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Heatpipes are on TOP! Half the pipe is cooling the air instead of the processor?! Are Apple Engineers mildly stupid or did they have other problems or was this the cheapest solution? If you take a look at any good custom CPU-cooler the heat-pipes are touching the Heatspreader directly for a reason. Animarkzero Noctua uses the same arrangement in its high-end air coolers - heat pipes on top of thermal block. Just the raw flash chips in a frame. The data width is kinda narrow as well…. Why would Apple go with such a small footprint unit?

At least make the space larger so in the future a larger unit could be put in. Apple is using the same technique here. Nous avons voulu le savoir. Luckily I use PC which is fully upgradable. Someone can use the board to built a super laptop. It has everything on 2 pcb.

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It is not even that big. Getting it all over the caps! One possibility is that the mux allows for one SSD slot to be unpopulated— if it is empty, the mux configues 2x the PCIe lanes to the T2 from the one populated slot. What is the silkscreen marking on the 2 devices speaker drivers at the bottom left corner of the PCB? Apple S There are no instructions here and hence no guidance on what to do or not do.

Tous les tests sont d'accord , vous aurez le meilleur son possible sur un Mac avec cet iMac Pro. Now people can pack their systems in a much smaller hard case when they need to travel with it!

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Or change their mind between the foot and a VESA mount going either way! Knowing Apple I doubt it mechanically fits! They are not user interchangeable like the iMac Pro! C'est fini mes amis! Vous voulez contribuer?

Apple says they save the environment as much as possible while sweeping the fact that they make their machines as hard to fix as possible under the carpet. Apple bounces back and forth between more and less modularity with most new architectures. Claiming that there is some obvious trend here is silly and baseless. Since the T2 houses the SSD controller, calling this a RAID isn't quite right, since each drive doesn't have a controller, it's just one controller looking in two places. Think of it more like a bank of RAM. Each operation is bounced between the two modules inter-leaved.

Do you mean that the iMac Pro has 2. Why not use then a single SSD blade-stick instead if two? Is the SSD paired to logic board? If the logic board fails, can the data in SSD be recovered? Say, wouldn't this make a lovely wallpaper for someone? First off, did you guys really not think to try and replace the CPU with a standard Xeon part? Second, has anyone documented the installation of the VESA mount? Apple was roasted on switching out to a fixed foot or fixed VESA mount. It took awhile!