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Next time when I close and reopen terminal and do man -version I get: -sh: mvn: command not found. I got the same Error: Could not find or load main class org.

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Hi, I am not able to locate the. I installed the entire thing in my Documents folder. Also, I have enabled all hidden files to be shown. Its a personal choice, I prefer to have these kind of settings in my bash profile. I have java 6, 7, 8 setup and java home is configured in bash profile. Very precise and easy tutorial. However I never tried it as I don't have a Snow Leopard at reach. If I change it back to Of course this value is necessary to show up Java Preference.

Eclipse Indigo for OS X Mavericks launched with Java SE 7 - Stack Overflow

Then I worked on this script. Did you updated from Lion to Mountain Lion?

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Did you tried to lauch Java Preferences manually? Also do you see the same error with command? I believe I got it working now and thanks for that tip which did the trick on my system ML downloaded Java 6 when an application required it. I believe this step is required for your script to launch Java Preference app successfully. I upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion.

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Once the Java 6 was installed under System, I re-ran your script and it worked like a charm! Here, Java Preferences. And voila, it works now.

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I don't really want to perform these actions automatically at the moment. I got this error too after installing Java7 JDK yesterday. It seems that the Java control panel was replaced with Java7 with a non osx native dialog actually, in Java. To clearify: I have The output from the command line is.

macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

However, that's no problem of this script. I installed the Jdk with your script on montain lion I already used it on lion. It succeed in installing the Jdk including the JavaPrefs. But I don't succeed in running 'java -version', but I'm able to do a maven build with the jdk Continuing in 64 bit mode.

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Apache Maven 3. What you need to do instead, like in any multiple java install on windows, linux as well is to use the actual path of the JVM you want :. The script is warning you about that beforehand. Hello I did execute the script but the JavaPreferences app do not run any longer I receive a dialog box saying "no Java 1. This shouldn't be an issue, as the JDK 6 32bit is working, however it actually doesn't work for this hacky install of JDK 5.

It means that only the 64bit version will work on your OS. And there is no uninstall script for now! If this is happening, you have to re install Java 6! Removing previous Java 1. Extracting JDK 1.

Recreating symbolic links to. Preparing Java Virtual Machine mkdir: created directory '1. For this reason this script removes 32bit mode on this JVM. Yeah I got it! Chewbee I never experienced this error, did you tried to reinstall java 6, and see first if it's working better with Java Preferences, then try to reinstall java 5. At the end I have no failure in those processes and the java panel opens and displays the Java versions..

And Lotus Notes is probably not updated to take care of such changes. The CurrentJDK symbolic link doesn't exist anymore in this location. So you'll probably need to figure out a way to tell Lotus to use this JDK 5 instead of the system wide Java. Yeah I tried that but the directory structure is different Well the way to switch Java versions especially with java 5 and the way the applications use this might be somehow not compatible.

Java (Security) For macOS / OS X / Mac OS X

Also in my previous posts I though Lotus Notes needed Java 5. I only use Java 5 from the command line, where I can specify actual paths, applications should always use the default Java in my opinion. Weird, I'm really not sure what's happening here. It's a little work, but it might be necessary in your case, if you remove every Java install ; then if you install the default Java only java 6 shipped by Apple , is Lotus Notes working?

The IDE has a default set of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to invoke functions. For more, see the Apple Help topic Using function keys on portable computers. Use Ctrl-click by pressing and holding the Control button while clicking. Also see issue regarding right-click emulation on multiple files. The NetBeans installer looks for suitable JDK installations available on user's system and allows you to select the one you want to run NetBeans on. That's where the --jdkhome switch comes in handy. To make custom startup parameters permanent.

If you want NetBeans to always start with specific options such as --userdir, --jdkhome, --fontsize, etc. Then add the custom parameters you wish to use and save your changes. You can also find news, articles, additional modules, and other useful information on the NetBeans project web site. Since NetBeans is an open-source project, the web site also provides access to source code, a bug database, information on creating your own NetBeans modules, and much more.

If you encounter any Mac OS X-specific problems, please let us know by filing a bug , but don't forget to specify that you are using the Mac OS X operating system. NetBeans IDE 8. Note that this shortcut only works when the insertion point is located immediately after the opening bracket. Cmd-Shift-[ Selects the block between a pair of brackets.

Note that this shortcut only works when the insertion point is located immediately after either the opening or closing bracket. Ctrl-G Jumps to any specified line. Cmd-A Selects all text in the file. Cmd-Shift-Minus - Collapses all blocks of code in the current file. Cmd-J then E Stops the recording of key sequence for a macro and opens the Recorded Macro dialog enabling you to name the new macro. Reverses a series of editor actions one at a time excluding Save. Cmd-Y Redo. Reverses a series of Undo commands one at a time.