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As small independent filmmakers, many of us will be struggling between the desire of portability and the fear of lackluster performances that usually go with it. You want to double or triple-check before investing such quantities of money, that granted, are not huge as those needed for an iMac Pro or even the unreal Mac Pro, but still may be a big enough dent in the yearly budget.

You know the drill, we go on synthetic benchmarks and then move on to editing performances. The configurations of these two machines although quite different are actually in the same budget dollar per dollar. In some situations, the MacBook Pro will outperform the iMac being twice as fast.

In the graphics compartment the higher level card and the dedicated memory, 8GB on the iMac versus the 4GB on the MBP, make the gap even wider between the two. The iMac, in fact, doubles the results of the MacBook Pro. Moving to the editor section the first results are actually a testament to the better software optimization that Apple and Blackmagic have been doing in comparison to Adobe.

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The MacBook Pro jumps ahead having a better performance than the iMac. How can that be the outcome one may ask? Real-world performance is even better in apps, such as Pixelmator Pro, which I use a lot. Other performance specifications of the Vega 64 GPU include:. Based on the work I do, the performance of the internal solid state disk SSD is one of the most critical factors. Tasks such as booting up macOS, opening apps, copying files or using Spotlight to find data, buried deep inside the filesystem, heavily depend on the speed of the internal hard disk.

The result of this setup is storage performance that blows my old iMac out of the water. The iMac Pro tops out at almost 2, Megabytes per second read, and 3, Mbps write speed. While no other Mac comes even close to such a write speed, the read speed of the iMac Pro is slightly slower than that of the iMac. For a full storage performance comparison, check out the table below.

As a result, it is crucial to regularly back up your data using a combination of Time Machine and an external cloud storage solution, such as Backblaze. Apple has an obsession with making its products thinner by sacrificing functionality, ports and proper thermal management. Other manufacturers prevent that issue from occurring by providing proper ventilation and a high-quality thermal paste.

All 5K iMacs feature a single fan that provides just enough ventilation to prevent overheating. But despite the low-power components, such as a mobile GPU, my iMac can get quite hot.

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And when that happens, the fan noise becomes quite noticeable. As a result, we now have two fans in the iMac Pro that provide sufficient airflow that virtually prevents thermal throttling.

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So far, I have only heard from AppleInsider who managed to get the 8-core iMac Pro to throttle under extreme conditions. Additionally, the iMac Pro runs incredibly quiet, and I have never heard the fans spin up while performing regular work or exporting video footage from Final Cut Pro X. But even under heavy load, the fans are barely louder than 50 decibel , which is just as loud as the sound of a normal conversation at home. The air intake slots, on the other hand, are at the bottom of the screen.

So some folks have proposed that the iMac Pro could suck in the hot air that gets reflected from the angled stand and thus make cooling less effective. Considering that my Internet uplink is limited to 1, Mbits, you might wonder why I need a faster network connection. The answer is related to my external storage solution.

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Thunderbolt cables copper have a maximum length of approximately 10 feet or 3 meters. That is less than the distance between my desk and the shelf I put the LaCie enclosure on. As a result, I have to use a special, fiber-optics Thunderbolt 2 cable from Corning that has died on me twice already. I hope that will change in the future, so one day, I can use my iMac Pro as a secondary 5K display, if I wanted to. For the iMac Pro, Apple decided to return to a full-size wireless keyboard with a numeric keypad. Besides the new keyboard size, the updated input devices match the awe-inspiring Space Gray color of the iMac Pro, and you can charge them with a black USB to Lightning cable.

As much as I love typing on the Magic Keyboard, it took me a few days to get used to the slightly changed key layout.

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For example, instead of Delete, I kept hitting the FN key on occasion. With my previous iMac and especially with earlier releases of macOS I have had a lot of issues with my wireless keyboard and trackpad disconnecting due to problems with the Bluetooth chip or drivers. Based on reports from other users, those issues persist in macOS Mojave and also affect the iMac Pro. I wish Apple had used a BT 5 chip in its latest workstation, which would be less prone to interference.

But for some reason, the company use Bluetooth 4. At the time of this writing, only the following Mac computers have an Apple T2 Security chip:. Despite its name, the T2 handles much more than security. Apple has managed to consolidate and integrate several other controllers into the T2, including the System Management Controller SMC , the image signal processor, audio controller, and the SSD controller. You might also have noticed that the image of the FaceTime camera looks so much better than on other iMacs. That is partly because of the better p sensor, but also because of the new image signaling processor, which is responsible for enhanced tone mapping, improved exposure control, and face-detection-based autoexposure and auto white balance.

Additionally, the T2 includes a Secure Enclave, similar to the one found in the iPhone, that enables encrypted storage and secure boot capabilities. What that means is that the T2 chip practically enforces full-disk-encryption, albeit without a dedicated password. Apple says that Macs equipped with a T2 security chip automatically and transparently encrypt all data that the OS writes to the internal SSD. The answer is that both can work together.

On Macs without a T2, FileVault handles all disk encryption and key management in software.

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With a T2, the Mac stores the encryption keys inside this chip, which contains an AES engine to perform data encryption and decryption in hardware. The latter is much faster and more secure.

Out of the box, Macs with a T2 encrypt all data written to disk using keys stored in the T2. If you enable FileVault on top of that, the encryption keys get encrypted with your user password, which adds another layer of security.

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The other security feature of the T2 is what the industry calls Secure Boot. In the case of the latest Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac Pro that means that, during the boot process, the T2 can validate the boot loader, which in turn validates the firmware, which validates the kernel, which validates the drivers. Practically that ensures that the mentioned components have not been modified, hacked, or infected by a virus.

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To launch the Startup Security Utility, you have to boot your Mac into Recovery mode via these steps:. Seriously, Apple? The workaround I use, until Apple fixes this undesired behavior, is to put my phone in my pocket when I want to use Siri on my iMac. As a result, you have to glue it back on using adhesive tape if you want to put the screen back on after taking it off to access the internals. That makes newer iMacs very much not user-serviceable. With the iMac Pro, Apple has removed even that capability because they needed the space for the new fan exhaust system.

Specifically, you can theoretically upgrade the following components of the iMac Pro:. But the chip is not soldered, and you can theoretically upgrade it. For example, Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs has done it if you want to check out the video. However, with macOS High Sierra The iMac Pro looks fantastic, thanks to its Space Gray housing and the matching input devices.

Beyond the new color, the slightly different fan exhaust grille on the back, and the additional Thunderbolt 3 ports, the iMac Pro looks exactly like the standard 5K iMac. I wish Apple had offered a screen with smaller bezels and without the massive chin with the Apple logo. The HiRise Pro by Twelve South is a height-adjustable stand with storage that works with the iMac but, also, other displays.

Without a third-party stand, the screen of the iMac is too low to be ergonomic. When I sit in front of an iMac my eyes are on the same level as the FaceTime camera. The rest of the screen is below my eye level.