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Once it is pasted move it all the way to the left edges. The remaining area in the image will be filled up by the other image. Keep this Preview window open. The above task is a great example of this. Skip to content. Is this article useful? Yes No.

How do I display 2 photos side by side on… - Apple Community

Leave a comment. So the result should be. What's the simplest way to do this on a Mac? Is it possible with some default app like Preview, or would you recommend some 3rd party tool for the job?


This solution uses only Preview and may be handy if you can't install software on a machine. It is, however, not elegant. Since, of course, Preview does not offer any proper image editing tools and no way to exactly position the two images, the ImageMagick solutions posted here are preferable.

Combine photos vertically in Mac Preview

I often have to do this with images of plots of data. I use the command line tools that come in the Imagemagick package; I think I installed it on my system with MacPorts. You could also choose to install with brew brew install imagemagick. The actual tool you want to use from Imagemagick is the convert tool.

If you have your two x images, say a. With convert, you can do a ton of other things. For example, you can switch to a different image format for the output. This isn't a GUI application, but maybe some others might have a better solution. Alternatively, you could put this in some sort of automator script. How to do this with the tools to hand: Make a screensnap: This will be saved as a.

Double click on this along with your two existing images to open them in Preview. Select each of your two images in turn and go command a Select All and command c Copy. Switch to your blank background image, command v Paste each in turn dragging them into position next to each other. You can scale them by dragging their handles, and nudge them a pixel at a time with your cursor keys. If you are not familiar with the Unix command line , you may want to pick one of the GUI-oriented solutions that others have posted. Install the ImageMagick graphics suite, e.

In my experience, Homebrew is the quickest, most hassle-free option. Once you have ImageMagick installed, it's simple. Using Terminal, navigate to the directory containing the images, and create a combined version with a command such as:. There's multitude of options available; to learn about them, see: The simplest way I know uses Preview.

Open both photos with Preview, position their windows side-by-side flush in front of your desktop and then use Preview's "Take a screen shot" command with the "from Selection" option. Select around the perimeter of both photos together and it will create a montage for you. Speaking of free GUI tools, Seashore app no longer supported is an open source project much better at working with images than Preview. It has better tools much on the lines of popular editors including shortcuts and I guess if you try you should be doing just fine without much help from us. It will merge your images and do a thousand other things besides.

Highly recommended. The easiest way is to use Graphic Converter. Open the Convert and Modify window, select all the images you want to stitch together on the left hand selection pane, and select a folder for the output in the right hand selection pane otherwise you might overwrite your originals. Click GO LHS at bottom , this will open a dialogue box that asks if you want them arranged in a row only, column only or a matrix of N x M images.

I make all kinds of pictures in Pages, then save the page as a pdf. I open the pdf in Preview and resave it as a jpg. Then I import the jpg in iphoto and do whatever I want to it there - crop it or play with the colors etc. Then I mail it to myself in whatever size I want.

How to Join Images Vertically or Horizontally on Your Mac

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