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So, grab your iBoot CD and use it to boot into your new Linux partition since Chameleon is strangely missing—we'll get to that in a second. Download gptsync from your distro's repositories though Ubuntu users may want to use the.

Adding OSX to a dual boot Windows Linux system for triple boot - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Once it's installed, pull up a Terminal window and type:. If you aren't sure which one is the one you're using, type in fdisk -l to see a list. Note that you aren't using it on just one of the partitions e. Once you're done, your computer should successfully boot into Windows whenever you reboot. When Windows installs, it makes itself the active partition on your computer, which means when you restart, your computer will just boot you into Windows as if OS X and Linux weren't even there.

Install rEFInd

We want the active partition to be our OS X partition, since it contains Chameleon, which lets us choose between the OSes when we start off. To pry Windows' greedy hands off your hard drive, just open up the start menu, right-click on Computer, and hit the Manage button. Then, reboot your computer. If everything goes well, you should be greeted once again by the familiar Chameleon bootloader, which will now list Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux as available boot options.

Triple Boot - Windows 10, Ubuntu, & Linux Mint

Double check and make sure each of them boots correctly. If they do, you're finished! Enjoy your new triple-booting PC.

If not, you may have done something wrong in the above steps. You can try googling any error codes you get and fixing it that way, or re-syncing the partition tables and trying again, but because of the complications in Windows and the GUID partition table, it might be simplest to just start from scratch. Back up your data in your OS X partition, reformat the entire drive, and start over. It's a pain, but like we said before—these three OSes really, really don't like to get along with one another when you try to put them all on the same drive.

If the pain of starting from scratch is too much to bear, reconsider the multiple-drive option—it won't give you the speed boosts of an SSD unless you buy three , and it might cost a bit more if you don't already have drives lying around, but on the occasion that you need to reinstall one of the OSes or reformat part of your drive, it will be completely hassle-free, unlike the above method which has me pulling my hair out after just one day.

Lastly, as always, these may not be the only ways to triple boot your Hackintosh, but it's the method that, after a few tries, I've found works pretty well. So, if you have your own preferred method or tips for others trying this one , share them with us in the comments. The A. Whitson Gordon. For all macOS versions starting with El Capitan This security feature of macOS prevents changes to various areas of the Operating System including System-owned files.

In order to install rEFInd you will have to boot into Recovery. Make sure the rEFInd files are available on a drive that macOS can see and use, then follow these instructions:. Full installation instructions can be found on the rEFInd site. You may also want to theme rEFInd to look more "mac-like". Test that rEFInd is installed and operational.

Just reboot and you should be taken to the rEFInd boot menu, from there you should be able to boot into either macOS or Windows They probably all won't be bootable, through trial-and-error you should be able to find the correct macOS and Windows 10 volumes. You can then configure rEFInd to ignore some volumes, but save that for after you have everything working properly. Alternatively, if you want a graphical imaging process, you can use UNetbootin as documented here for Ubuntu just use Kali or whatever image you want.

The Easy Method: Use Multiple Hard Drives

You're now ready to install Linux. However, if you reboot now, you'll see the rEFInd boot menu.

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Select it for booting. Follow the instructions for installing Linux, making sure to select the correct partition that you created while you were under Windows 10 earlier. You should now have a triple-booting MacBook Pro. In the event that rEFInd gets clobbered you'll know, because a power-cycle takes you to the built-in macOS boot manager you should still be able to boot into Windows, but you'll probably lose the ability to boot into Linux.

For Linux, follow these detailed instructions: You can basically install as many Linux distributions as you have space for.

Triple Boot MacBook Pro (macOS, Windows 10, Linux)

I am using rEFInd as boot manager. Judging by the volume of questions we receive, no dual boot setup meets your safe and easy criteria. I would just be sure you have a really good backup of all your data and keep your setup media, license keys and setup scripts well documented and handy so you can always just wipe your drive and start over. A macos wipe and reinstall from saved media takes 20 minutes. Better to be able to set things up quickly than perfect a complicated setup. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What's a triple boot method macOS, Linux, Windows 10 that is safe and relatively easy to do? Ask Question. Below is the output from the command diskutil list.